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It’s been about two weeks since I wrote that I can move again, so I figured it was time to come back here and give Evan an update to re-read and remember.

Update on buying a house

Update on buying a house

We received the house inspection report (side note: we really like the ones we used – stayed home more than 2 hours of use, explain everything, then a 125 page report with photos! you are looking for a Long Island home! Inspector I would check them). There were only a few problems:

  • The biggest and most urgent problem with a leaking water heater;
  • The work of the bricks in the back has a strange wave, probably due to the roots that grow below;
  • 2 broken interior windows; and
  • Rippling cladding at the front.

The inspector said it was one of the best homes he looked at, which was fantastic for someone like me (that is, inept at home repairs). Nevertheless, as I did not think / should be responsible for the above fixes, I wrote a long letter to the seller to inform him of my concerns and ask him for a price reduction of 10 000 € (so 685 000 € to € 675,000).

After a few days of radio silence, I received a phone call. He told me that he had repaired the water heater because he did not want to risk letting him die while he was still there. Beyond that, he was only willing to give me a price reduction of € 1,000! He simply made fun of other things that said they were cosmetics and that every house would have things to repair. To say that I did not appreciate his nonchalant attitude about it would be an understatement. The woman and I discussed our options:

  1. Call her bluff and tell her we’re done.
  2. Hold on by sharing the € 10,000 I requested; or
  3. Take that on the chin.

The first option was removed from the table after a brief discussion. The woman wants the house, so she really threatens what I can do. This leads me to points 2 and 3. I thought about 10,000 to 1,000 euros or so, it was for a new water heater. Thus, with the remaining 1,000 euros that he “offered”, I really struggled for 3,000 euros (since really divide the 5,000 €). However, despite the fact that this decision was made fairly quickly, I told him that I had to talk to the wife. The woman and I decided to let him sit and cook for about 24 hours. I could be wrong, but I know it would cause me stress, so damn, it deserves stress.

This whole process has been strange and continues to be so. I told him 7 days ago that I was comfortable contracting. I have not received anything yet and I am not doing it because I have not received an offer at home yet. This brings us to my home sales update.

My Home Sale Update

My Home Sale Update

We have officially been home on the market for exactly 14 days. At that time, we had only one open house and another this weekend (both weekends took Memorial Day in the center and we decided it would not be a good end to week for an open day). Meanwhile, we had some private screenings with a couple who seemed particularly perfect until their parents decided not to love our busy street. I can not blame them for that comment, because we know that is one of the negative things we want to support. What I can blame them is not to tell us before 10 minutes after they were supposed to meet our broker at home with the couple, their parents and their broker! We had taken our sick child out of the house panicked and cleaned around him just so that everything was ready.

So for now, we have no buyer and we are waiting for a contract that we will be afraid to sign! No stress at all.

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